Historically I have been fairly politically apathetic. Although I am pretty liberal on most issues, I haven't typically held too much interest in the whole process. However, due to political issues and the importance of this next election, I have started to pay attention. Barack Obama came to Columbus last Friday and I went to see him talk.

Not only is he a very skilled speaker, but the messages that he speaks actually make sense. I just got done watching him and Hillary fight it out in the Pennsylvania Democrat Debate. While Hillary has some good ideas also, she doesn't sell her points as well and authoritatively as Barack does. Barack also has the ability to bring the youth into politics, as he has done with me. I am convinced that he is the best chance that America has for the next four years, and I plan to vote for him. I hope you do too.


work space rearrangement

So I work for the Indiana Geological Survey, through the Center for Geospatial Data Analysis as well as for the environmental sector. At work, I have a computer that I work on daily. This computer sits on a desk in a corner of a windowless room. I have worked here for nearly a year now, but have only just begun to really make it home. Within the course of the past week, I have rearranged the entire layout of my immediate workspace, taking advantage of unused pieces of furniture and objects such as a small bookshelf and a chalkboard and a bulletin board. Now a bookshelf sits, although mostly empty, on my desk and a chalkboard sits on my left, just waiting to be filled with cross-sectional structural drawings and math equations. The bulletin board has been stripped of nearly all of its prior content (mostly IU's anticlimactic 2003 basketball season), and I have begun to reconstruct it with my own personal clippings. I did leave the picture of Bat Boy on the board, however...

With this newly designed and space-optimized workspace, I feel much more at home while at work, and enjoying your work environment is the first step toward workplace happiness. Even a redesigned corner cannot sugar-coat the mind-numbing experience of staring at a computer screen for 8 hours, however. And what do I do when I get home? Stare at a computer screen for a few more hours. Silly me.


I got accepted into graduate school at Indiana University today for Geological Sciences. I guess since I started my blog on the very same day, that I will have to make an honest effort to document the next two years of my life in graduate school. We will see how this turns out!

This blog was inspired by a web-savvy friend who liked my website but suggested a nifty blog. I have recently updated my webpages www.andrewgustin.com and www.igity.com and added frames. I hope you enjoy my blog, movies, and theories.

Andrew Gustin