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Just thought of this one - can God create a rock so large that even Time cannot eventually erode it away? I would say only if the sun or global warming boils all of the water off of our planet and geomorphology ceases to exist. Otherwise, NO! Time trumps God as long as there is water. And nearly all living organisms need water...not to imply that water should be God, but it might be thought of as the blood of the earth. However, all living organisms need time.


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Hey, I saw your website IGITY about how God is time. I actually stumbled on your webpage while trying to Google-search for an old hadith (prophetic narration) which stated that God is time. I thought you might find it interesting so I wanted to share. Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) said: "Curse not time, for God is time." The exact hadith (authentic chain of transmission, Sahih al-Bukhari) is "God, ever exhalted is He, says: "The child of Adam wrongs Me when he curses the time, for I am Time! In My Hand is the Order. I cause the night and day to turn, one upon the other." Peace

June 25, 2009 at 12:24 AM  

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