The humidity a response to the sun and the water. Vapor fills every void and awaits to precipitate on you. Summer in Indiana is a great thing. The animals know it, the plants know it, and the humans (a special variety of animal, not really though) cannot attack or praise these temperatures and this mugginess enough. Outside of the sweat, it really is great. A walk in the woods and beginnings of work on the throne. But this is all just a distraction from the bigger picture, the imminent summer plans which creep less than a few days away. How will I ever get ready? Did I take too big of a bite with this one? I have a pretty big mouth, but this leather is getting tougher and tougher to chew. rawhide...heeeeeeeeyaw. I just have to go there and get used to the altitude and hike around and collect data. fill out one sheet after another with my trusty assistant and I have the beginnings of a full fledged thesis. greatest GIS statistical geomorphological thesis ever, if I get my way. I better collect a lot of data.....

The life of a geologist, the life of a masters student, the life of a dreamer, the life of a hiker, the life of a wanderer, destination unknown.


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