the power of water

It is Thursday of a working week, during a typical working time, and yet I do not work. What has given me this great privilege? The storms that ravaged Southcentral Indiana yesterday. Bloomington was hit hard, and at about 4:50 pm my computer and the whole Geology and Psychology buildings lost power and I got to leave work early. Turns out a service room flooded, and it still isn't fixed. Whats more, the loss of power caused a water valve to turn on on the 5th floor, and water flooded down all the way to the first floor. It just happened to go through the room 318, which is the suite that I work in. I hope my stuff isn't ruined. So with this beautiful day off, I set off in to the woods to clean up the flood damage caused by the rains yesterday. Some of my creekside stone furniture got partially destroyed, so I better get it back up to par. Maybe I'll take some pictures and upload them. We'll see.

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