America the obese

So I want to be healthier. I want to resist temptations and eat the right foods and have an active lifestyle. But I am in grad school and working on my thesis and the spare time just isn't very forthcoming. To make matters worse, I have a 3 mile commute from the south side of town to the geology building, and back, every day.

So what? This is a short drive so I cannot blame that for my lack of time. However, along this 3 mile drive, there are a ridiculous number of eateries. Places that (mostly) don't care about how healthy a food is. Regardless, places that overcharge for the convenience of making food for you. And It is near impossible to resist stopping at some of these places when I am tired and hungry and depressed.

Here is a quick tally of what I drive within 500 feet of every day

2 Taco Bells
1 Dairy Queen
1 McDonalds
1 Wendys
1 Burger King
1 Arbys
1 Rallys
1 Waffle House
1 Ice cream Shoppe
2+ chinese restaurants
3+ Starbucks/coffee shops
2 Subways
2 Dominos Pizzas
2 Pizza Huts
2 Papa Johns
1 Avers Pizza
1 Pizza X
1 Rockits pizza
1 Mad Mushroom Pizza
1 Square Donuts
1 Sonic
1 King Gyros
1+ Diners
10+ Bars, most which serve food
1+ Food Courts on campus
3+ Liquor Stores!

There are probably several that I missed, especially if I include the downtown area and all of the restaurants I forgot there. I just wanted to hit the major chain places so you can see how gross my commute is. I am tempted by 30 different restaurants every day while driving six miles.

There is also a supermarket along the way...and a couple gas stations. The grad school life is pretty rough...No time to waste time, too much work to get done. Another exam in remote sensing Tuesday, and lots of grading remaining. At least I don't have to pay rent!

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