A simple rock song courses through my head this morning. The beat mimicking my heart, the guitar mocking my step. My cat purrs on my lap as I write this, wondering why my hands are making noise on the keyboard instead of petting him.

A routine is beginning to develop, yet it is unrelated to my cat or the simple rock song...a routine to carry me through this transition from late summer to early autumn. This year should be good, I know I have the power to ensure that. So much of what we experience is in our heads that you can take the same situation and interpret it in two completely different ways. It is all in our perception and our reaction. I am making more of an effort to control both of these aspects in my life, and so far it has worked pretty well.

Changes in attitude, changes in latitude, changes in elevation, changes in humidity. At least I have a car, can live the American Dream, go to college, make something out of myself. But there is so much that can be made without a Masters Degree...They lie. They make you think that everything worth living for is related to higher education and a career with good healthcare benefits. Don't let them fool you too...The secret to life is to be happy, you just have to figure out what that entails.

Try buying a cat!


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