And back again

Just like that, another summer gone. Scotland, Rock Glaciers, and now back to reality. Must go to work tomorrow and earn some money. Getting ready for the semester and to teach again...time to relearn what the bulk composition of an andesite is.

Got four games of racquetball in tonight...a good workout, even if the HPER is disgustingly hot and humid. Sort of like Indiana in general, really. I cannot say that I missed the mugginess. Or the increased probability of being mugged. I much prefer driving out in Montana too...cows are easier to see than cats.

I am still cooking some camp meals now and again. Ramen and tuna never tasted so good as when it is eaten at a table. I do miss camping and cooking meals with breathtaking vistas. I miss the vistas. And you can't have vistas without altitude...The way your lungs desperately suck each oxygen molecule out of the air and hand them off to the blood. more seamlessly than at a track meet!

But it sure in nice to be back with my cat...he seems pretty content himself.

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