A few stanzas of thought

Well I want to be heard
And I struggle to hear
Or to listen descriptions, illicit sincere

You can preach what you pray
But you preach to the choir
As the soloist lead is procured by a wire

The intentions are true
The attack non-misguided
A perception, it always exists multi-sided

So you see from your own
And perhaps from another
But the vantages left cannot ever be covered

You can go with the flow
You can settle for now
Your selection of options is always known loud

But to never explore
What you think could bring joy
To ignore what reality tells you is good

We must follow the path
Bounded by least regret
For this life is too short and there's no time to bet

I can say what I think
I can do what I say
I will cherish the moments and life for today.


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