Three lost years

I am referencing a GLS song called Three days at sea (three lost years),,,

I have changed, I have...

Tomorrow is my first of three labs that I get to teach each week this semester. It should be pretty straight forward - scientific notation, unit conversions, and reading maps. I also begin my semester of spatial stuff with my two Geography classes tomorrow...I think I would rather work with GIS than be a hydrologist anyway...don't tell my advisor!

Too bad GIS work doesn't involve being outdoors unless it is GPS work...but I guess that is on the up and up, and even if its all remote sensing, at least I get to look at air photos. But this is all too long-term for right now, I have to shift back to third gear (a maneuver that is now impossible in my car, at least at mis-matched rpms). I need to take it a day at a time and stay on top of my work. How is that for self-motivation?

I think this will be a pretty easy semester. I hope.


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