exiting gracefully

As the last semester of my educational career came to a close, I realized that I had 1275 pages in my print allotment that hadn't been used yet. The semester officially ended last Saturday, so I spent the entire week before preparing a "chordbook" or songbook for guitar. I went through my entire music collection and looked up each artist that I thought could potentially be covered on guitar. With just hours of the semester remaining, I was able to print off all 1275 pages and create two massive books, pictured below:

So it was stressful enough to try to use my allotment before it expired, but to complicate matters more I realized that I got another 1000 pages to use for the summer allotment. Since the summer officially ends before I return from Montana (Oh yeah, I'm going back to Montana for my fifth summer to be AI for 429), I must use the print allotment before I leave at the end of June. This means that I am constantly trying to think of songs and musicians that I have missed to add to the chordbook. So far I have 5 songs. only 995 more to go. If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to post a comment on my blog!

Everything is starting to fall into place. Not my thesis so much, but the end is within view...but it is certainly peculiar how life has a tendency to work itself out...


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